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Connected to 2,100+ data scientists, engineers, project managers, salespeople, CTOs, etc. all interested in autonomous mobility. Always looking to help talented people find jobs in autonomous mobility.


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Nov SDC101 Desc Rect

Panels & Presentations on Autonomous Mobility

Brent organizes and moderates monthly panel discussions and company profile presentations on autonomous mobility. Topics range from Navigation technologies to Vision and Perception systems, Teleoperations, ADAS, Privacy, Media, Urban Planning and more. The focus is on creating autonomous mobility advocates through education, discussion and networking.

Passion is Persuasive

There's a big difference between people who live to work and who work to live. This isn't a job for Brent - it's a calling. Whether on-air, on stage or in person, Brent's passion for autonomous mobility is contagious. That same passion drives the high quality of his thinking and his work in the space.


Refreshingly Transparent

No games, no ghosting, no politics. If you need strategic marketing help, reach out. Brent will listen, share his approach and/or advice and collaborate on the solution. Every engagement is a Win-Win for everyone or he'll point you in the right direction for what you need.