Autonomous products and services are complex but incredibly exciting. Smart Branding helps your customers understand what you do and why you're special. It saves you money by conveying your category, your product/service and your vision.

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Simplifying complex products and services into clear, understandable, relatable terms is critical to sales and adoption. Facts are key, but conveying the benefits of the product or service from the purchaser's perspective is what drives success.

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Design Thinking combined with Purchase Journey Mapping and other strategic tools define your customer, their motivations and needs in actionable specifics that inform an effective communication plan, sales enablement tools and marketing.

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A Passion For Autonomous Mobility

Somehow, every conversation with Brent Shedd turns into a discussion about autonomous mobility. He's spent the past five years educating himself and others on the benefits and challenges of our autonomous future and is the author of the "Why Humans Shouldn't Drive" social media series.

As the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Leader for Self Driving Cars 101 and the UberATG SF Meetup for Self-Driving Vehicle Enthusiasts, Brent helps create informed autonomous mobility advocates by assembling monthly panel discussions on Perception Systems, ADAS, Navigation, Teleoperations, AV Urban Planning and more.

His background in strategic management consulting and advertising has enabled him to work with automotive leaders like Honda, aviation leaders like Bombardier and even auto-tech startups like Repair Pal.

Brent's Design Thinking approach to branding and communications ensures that even the most complicated products and services are conveyed clearly and convincingly to prospects and customers alike.

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